Oil & Gas Solutions

Better Data, Better Decisions

Scada Station reduces risk, drives efficiency, and optimizes performance, so our clients and their stakeholders can achieve the full potential of their oil and gas assets.


Scalability Like No Other

Connect complex networks, wells and fields to one system, where you can analyze and export useful insights.

Production Support

Scada Station supports ESPs, PCPs and SRP in a single platform so users can have full insight into the complete production operation, utilizing a consistent set of visualization and analysis tools. When you can see the full picture, you can get to the right answer fast.

Managing large networks can be complex and time consuming without the right tools. Scada Station has been designed with this in mind and every operation can be performed at any level of your monitoring network.

Field Management

Let the data tell your story​

Understanding all relevant data — and the relationships between them — is important for root-causing incidents as quickly as possible and identifying the real source of unexpected system behavior. Scada Station allows teams to seamlessly visualize and move among all of their data, all in one place.

Detailed Charts

Centralize the analysis, visualization, and alerting for all of your data with Scada Station Dashboard

Dashboards that anyone can use

Not only do Scada Station dashboards give insightful meaning to data collected from numerous sources, but you can see data in multiple different ways to make sure you get the whole picture.

From heatmaps to histograms. Graphs to geomaps. Scada Station Dashboard has fast and flexible visualizations that allows you to visualize your data, any way you want.

Real-Time Data Streaming

Every Data Point Counts

Real-Time capable data visualization and analysis framework with intra-second pulling rate capabilities, for fast thorough business decisions.

Rapid Response Team

Our experienced surveillance engineers monitor alarms and alerts 24/7/365. Using data collected from the wellsite to prevent or mitigate adverse events, diagnose probable causes, and—within minutes—recommend remediation options for rapid implementation.

Reporting Center

Our reporting module will provide customizable reports at defined schedules. This will be useful when generating compliance reports for a specific period of time.

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